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Data Center Technician

  •  JR-141938
  •  Barcelona
  •  Operations
  •  Full time


Job Summary

As a shift Datacenter Technician, you will have to provide a high level of Customer Service and Service Provisioning in order to meet customer needs.



Customer support

  • Deal with all customer support requests ('Activity') transmitted by the Service Desk, whether for interventions on the IT platforms and telecoms of customers hosted in the Data Center, management of delivery/collection of material, handles the access request process, including the handoff to the security staff, mentoring, troubleshooting
  • Communicate locally with the Customer Operations Team Leader to allow the accurate recording and billing of the intervention to the client, as well as the publication of reports and key performance indicators



  • Contribute to the works of installation related to contracts signed between customers and Equinix, both on initial installations of a customer and on requests for extension
  • Perform wiring services ('X-connect') according to customer specifications, including related tests, labelling and communicate within the prescribed time all information enabling the updating of databases and billing for these services
  • Help to maintain optimal air flow conditions in customer facilities through the installation of blanking panels in customers bays, as well as instruction in the hierarchy of perforated tiles in cold aisles
  • Propose improvements to urbanization, organization of wiring or any installed component of customer configurations



  • Provide all the required vigilance on monitoring tools (BMS) located in the Control Rooms, , in order to transmit to the Facilities Operations team, any flags raised
  • Conduct rigorous daily rounds noting and communicating any anomaly linked either to technical equipment, or to breaches of regulations applying in the Datacenter
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